2. Science & Technology

Sartup Highlight: AltaRock Energy Inc.

Posted in 2. Science & Technology on January 13th, 2009 by Thor – 5 Comments

Engineered Geothermal SystemsAltarock Energy Inc. develops engineered geothermal systems to provide renewable energy 24 hours a day. This clean energy source emits merely 5% of carbon as coal plants. Much of this carbon can then be injected back into the earth to reduce carbon emissions to approximately 0.1%. Altarock Energy Inc. has secured over $26 million dollars to develop their technology and is exploring over 600,000 acres in California, Oregon, and Washington for engineered geothermal energy plant placement. The United States possess vast Geothermal energy resources which, according to a recent study, may provide up to 10% of our energy by 2050.

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Startup Highlight: Superprotonics

Posted in 2. Science & Technology on December 13th, 2008 by Thor – 7 Comments

With claims of superior, economically competitive, and environmentally friendly fuel cells, Superprotonic hopes to revolutionize the automotive, small stationary/residential, and portable electronics markets. Consumers of these products are expected to spend over 10 billion dollars a year for their energy needs by 2012.

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Startup Highlight: LS9, Inc.

Posted in 2. Science & Technology on December 7th, 2008 by Thor – 3 Comments

LS9 is developing technology for renewable, cost effective, and domestically produced biofuels. They have a simple moto, “The best replacement for petroleum is petroleum“. With the goal of a fuel that is chemically identical to petroleum to allow broad and rapid adoption in mind, LS9 has developed Renewable Petroleumâ„¢ technologies. LS9 has developed a new […]

Ye Wanna Be A Pirating Do Ya’ ?

Posted in 2. Science & Technology on November 18th, 2008 by MCM – Be the first to comment

In this day and age piracy of film, music, software, or books, can be a costly affair. The DMCA and groups like the MPAA and RIAA are far reaching with fines that could be costly or sometimes incur incarceration. So what is a modern pirate to do? Read on… The Leech Box Take an old […]