Stress and memory

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New perspectives on multiple sclerosis and therapeutics.

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neuron_myelinThe overall perspective has shifted to MS being a constitutive diffuse syndrome rather than the classical notion of a multifocal disease with periodic heightened immune activation.
The evolving perspectives on MS disease progression has led scientists toward novel therapeutics for this multifaceted adversary.

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Sartup Highlight: AltaRock Energy Inc.

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Engineered Geothermal SystemsAltarock Energy Inc. develops engineered geothermal systems to provide renewable energy 24 hours a day. This clean energy source emits merely 5% of carbon as coal plants. Much of this carbon can then be injected back into the earth to reduce carbon emissions to approximately 0.1%. Altarock Energy Inc. has secured over $26 million dollars to develop their technology and is exploring over 600,000 acres in California, Oregon, and Washington for engineered geothermal energy plant placement. The United States possess vast Geothermal energy resources which, according to a recent study, may provide up to 10% of our energy by 2050.

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Cellular stress and disease

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Our bodies feel stress in a way many of us cannon conceive — at the cellular level. Increasing number of publications in peer-reviewed journals are making the connection between a specific type of cellular stress–endoplasmic reticulum stress–and a long list of diseases.

The Cell

While we cannot control all cellular procceses, there are some lifestyle considerations. 1) Get plenty of exercise to aid blood flow and oxygen delivery. Excercise will inturn cause a significant increase in free radicals (increased oxygen consumption) so, 2) consume a balanced diet (forget the low-carb routine) that is rich in antioxidants. 3) Stay away from fatty foods.

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Obama – Little will change

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Is it fair to judge someone’s effectiveness when all they’ve done is hire staff? I think so, particularly because the decisions politicians have made in the past provide insight into what the will do in the future. Based on the people Obama has selected for his cabinet, I’m less hopeful about change.

Three reasons why little will change:

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Vitamin D for cardiovascular health

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Vitamin DAbout 40% of men and 50% of women in the United States are deficient in Vitamin D. As study published in the American Journal of Cardiology reports a clear correlation between the degree of vitamin D deficiency and the types/frequency of cardiovascular diseases.

The solution for cardiovascular health comes back to an active lifestyle which includes plenty of exercise (with exposure to the sun), and proper eating habits.

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Startup Highlight: Superprotonics

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With claims of superior, economically competitive, and environmentally friendly fuel cells, Superprotonic hopes to revolutionize the automotive, small stationary/residential, and portable electronics markets. Consumers of these products are expected to spend over 10 billion dollars a year for their energy needs by 2012.

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Startup Highlight: LS9, Inc.

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LS9 is developing technology for renewable, cost effective, and domestically produced biofuels. They have a simple moto, “The best replacement for petroleum is petroleum“. With the goal of a fuel that is chemically identical to petroleum to allow broad and rapid adoption in mind, LS9 has developed Renewable Petroleumâ„¢ technologies. LS9 has developed a new […]

A Nationalized Car Maker?

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As much as America hates the idea of big government socialism, some of the best pieces of America are nationalized. Why can’t we have a nationalized car company? After all, it seems most car companies focus on making “bodywork” changes from year to year instead of concentrating on making safer and more reliable cars. Some […]

Want to Save Money?

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As the economy slumps, credit crumbles, and people are looking to pinch pennies what are we to do to stay entertained? According to the article, Britons ‘saving money with sex’, a YouGov survey of 2000 adults in the UK shows many couples are getting reacquainted with each other as their entertainment budgets shrink. Sex was […]