Want to Save Money?

As the economy slumps, credit crumbles, and people are looking to pinch pennies what are we to do to stay entertained? According to the article, Britons ‘saving money with sex’, a YouGov survey of 2000 adults in the UK shows many couples are getting reacquainted with each other as their entertainment budgets shrink. Sex was the most popular free activity of couples by a large margin with window shopping and gossiping trailing far behind.

While this is an exceptional way to pass time sex is serious business. Today is “World Aids Day” so take this as a reminder to practice safe sex. Condoms are important in preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. The cost of condoms compared to the estimated cost of $190,528 to raise an unplanned child to 18 (Bankrate.com) or the risk of an incurable disease is money well spent.

So remember to play safe while passing time.


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