Injection-free treatment for diabetes patients

Existing treatments for diabetes involve either injection of insulin (primarily for sufferers of type 1 diabetes), or treatment with drugs (for type 2 diabetes). As sufferers of diabetes know, neither is ideal since they involve frequent injections, and the drugs have undesirable side-effects (such as hypoglycemia, and weight gain).

A Japanese group at the Suzuka University of Medical Science has shown that a complex of vanadium and allixin, a compound found in garlic, lowers blood glucose levels in mouse models of both types 1 and 2 diabetes. The researchers found that it activates not only the insulin signaling cascade, which regulates glucose metabolism, but also an enzyme that helps cells to absorb glucose. E20-260 Previous research by the same group shows that zinc-allixin complexes are improve glucose utilization and lipid metabolism, and may be another candidate toward and injection-free treatment for type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Bottom line: keep eating garlic! Not only is it implicated in cardiovascular health, anti-inflammatory activity, antimicrobial activity, it may even help with diabetes.

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  1. MCM says:

    I’m not sold on it. I have seen Vanadium (Vanadyl Sulfate) touted for years by the supplement industry – mostly with conflicted results.

    As you are aware, type 2 diabetics can use oral insulin or Glucophage for treatment.

    Multiple international studies are underway to treat/prevent type 1 diabetics with oral insulin.

    The theory is to identify those who are likely to become diabetic, by testing for a high level of specific auto antibodies that are often present 10 years before the onset of diabetes. Those identified are treated with oral insulin in hopes of preventing or delaying the disease.

  2. Thor says:

    The problem with many studies involving dietary supplements is that proper experimental conditions aren’t established.

    Are the people involved in the study asked to stop smoking, drinking diet soda, eating poorly, increased exercise, etc?
    The answer is often ‘no’.

    If one is leading a poor lifestyle, the chances are low that one dietary supplement with counteract the negative effects of everything the individual is exposed to.

    Supplements have to be part of a lifestyle that extends beyond simply remembering to take a Daily One pill. When one consumes vitamins through fresh and whole foods, they are obtained as biological complexes that aid solubility, absorption, and efficacy. This is in contrast to vitamin pills, where solubility and absorption are limited. This may lead to confounding results in studies as well.

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  4. Hello I enjoyed your article. I think that it is necessary when talking about diabetes to at least bring up natural treatments that have been proven to be efficient in managing high blood sugar. Various natural herbs can be including in a diabetics routine that will help maintain a healthy glucose level.

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