Ye Wanna Be A Pirating Do Ya’ ?

Pirate Pete

In this day and age piracy of film, music, software, or books, can be a costly affair. The DMCA and groups like the MPAA and RIAA are far reaching with fines that could be costly or sometimes incur incarceration.

So what is a modern pirate to do?
Read on…

The Leech Box
Take an old laptop, install the OS of your choice, change the MAC address of the NIC, install the BitTorrent client of choice, and find a connection to leech from.

Some worthy leeching points…Your local library, college, neighbor, or even your corporate VOIP system (these are not often monitored by the company and often managed by your Tier 1 provider).

Let’s say I wanted to leech of the corporate VOIP system, I would first setup my networking to function properly (check your phones configuration for the proper network settings). I next would surf the net picking up my torrent links.

To avoid raising suspicion I would not want to degrade the VOIP quality in any way, therefore I would schedule my torrent program to start after hours and finish prior to the work day being started. This can be done via the Task Scheduler in Windows, or a CRON job in Linux.

A variety of methods and devices can be used to provide access to the files and the torrent client during it’s use.

  • Physical access
  • RDP
  • USB drive
  • SAMBA or Windows share
  • In closing, a little creativity, some old junk, and a lack of ethics can increase your odds of avoiding fines and possible jail time.

    * Disclaimer – A little knowledge can be dangerous! The author does not endorse, condone, or otherwise encourage piracy or stealing bandwidth.


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