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Startup Highlight: LS9, Inc.

Posted in 2. Science & Technology on December 7th, 2008 by Thor – 1 Comment

LS9 is developing technology for renewable, cost effective, and domestically produced biofuels. They have a simple moto, “The best replacement for petroleum is petroleum“. With the goal of a fuel that is chemically identical to petroleum to allow broad and rapid adoption in mind, LS9 has developed Renewable Petroleumâ„¢ technologies. LS9 has developed a new […]

A Nationalized Car Maker?

Posted in 3. Political Opinion on December 7th, 2008 by Thor – 25 Comments

As much as America hates the idea of big government socialism, some of the best pieces of America are nationalized. Why can’t we have a nationalized car company? After all, it seems most car companies focus on making “bodywork” changes from year to year instead of concentrating on making safer and more reliable cars. Some […]